What happens when you bring together a bass-playing attorney, guitar-strumming bilingual reading specialist, fire-on-the-fiddle volcan-ologist, and a banjo-picking elementary school principal? Correct if you circled "c)", Fadin’ by 9. With hot pickin’, tight harmonies, and a mix of "bluegrassified" rock, folk, and bluegrass covers & originals, Fadin’ by 9 creates a unique, uplifting, high-energy sound that will keep your feet tapping all night long.

Fadin’ by 9, a bluegrass band based in Vancouver, Washington, is available to perform at festivals, cafes, weddings, parties, and other events & locales. We can even play past 9 pm... just not on consecutive nights.

"Fadin' by 9 -- masters of fusing bluegrass with rock and folk sounds..." -- The Columbian, 2012

Joe   •   Dave   •   Ben  •   Seth

We're on YouTube!
Airport Security Blues
Too Big To Fail
Sinai Mtn. Breakdown

Come see us in 2016!
Upcoming Fb9 gigs:

Saturday, May 21, 7:00 - 9:30pm
Fb9 and the Misty Mamas at the Magenta Theater
1108 Main St., Vancouver WA => Admission: $12 ($14 at the door)
==> Order early (we always sell out)!!

Monday, May 30, 1:00pm - 4:30pm
Schreiner's Iris Gardens Memorial Day BBQ
3625 Quinaby Road NE, Salem Oregon

Saturday, August 13, 8:00am - 1:00pm
Beaverton Farmer's Market
SW Hall Blvd, Beaverton OR

Our second CD "Gone" is here!

It can be ordered at CDBaby.com, along with our first CD -- just click on the CD images below.

Here are some samples from the second CD:
I Know You Rider (traditional)
Fiddle Tune set (S. Moran/traditional)
Windhover (S. Moran)